Sektor 3 Szczecin NGO Support Centre

Sektor 3 Szczecin NGO Support Centre  is an initiative started by five non-governmental organizations.

The main goal of Sektor 3 is to strenghten the potential of non-governmental organizations and civil society in Szczecin area. We fulfill this goal by providing both practical and infrastructural support to NGOs and active citizens.

Sektor 3 is focused on counselling and specialist consulting (accounting, legal counselling), monitoring and advocacy for NGOs (representing the interests of Szczecin’s NGOs, nurturing the Third Sector’s active participation in lawmaking), and training and workshops (accounting, fundraising, creating the organisation’s image, accountancy, and IT).

Employees and volunteers of Sektor3 offer help in formal and practical aspects of:

  • starting a new NGO,
  • managing the NGO,
  • NGO accountancy,
  • legal issues concerning NGO
  • applying for financial grants and other ways of obtaining funds,
  • creating parnerships,
  • cooperation with public institutions and local government,
  • organizing events in public space,
  • voluntary service,
  • IT for NGO
  • And many more


The beneficiaries of Sektor3 can use office space and equipment in order to run daily activities of their organizations. We offer:

  • 2 meeting rooms (for 3 and up to 8 people) 
  • 2 training rooms (for 12 and up to 35 people)
  • Computer room with 9 computer stands
  • Wi- fi 
  • Printer, scanner, coping and faxing machine

Szczecin NGO Support Centre is created by

Szczecin NGO Support Centre is co – financed by

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